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Contessa Akin

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I'm Contessa Akin, an energetic and driven Emotional Wellbeing Coach. With a holistic approach, I support my clients in taking ownership of their emotions so they can find inner harmony. I have developed a personalized path to healing that has been specially crafted to be truly transformative for those committed to the journey.

Since I have had first-hand familiarity with the impacts of trauma, I understand the difficulty of confronting these experiences. In addition, my 15+ years of expertise supporting people to connect deeply with who they are and lead themselves have formed my ambition to help you become your most genuine self and ultimately start feeling better.


Owning Your Emotional Landscape

The Pathway to Personal Leadership. This talk will encourage listeners to stop running from their emotions and instead, take ownership of them. It will emphasize the power and liberation that comes from acknowledging and understanding our emotional experiences.


Leading with Authenticity

Harnessing Your Inner Strengths. This topic will inspire individuals to delve deep into their core being, connect with their true selves, and use their unique strengths to lead with authenticity and conviction.


Emotional Resilience in Leadership

Thriving Amidst Adversity. This speech will focus on how emotional health can be a source of resilience during challenging times. It will motivate leaders to cultivate emotional well-being as a means to not only survive but thrive during periods of adversity.


From Vulnerability to Victory

Embracing Emotions for Empowered Leadership. This session will challenge the audience to see their vulnerability as a strength. It will explore how embracing our emotions can lead to empowered and empathetic leadership.


The Healing Leader

Transforming Pain into Power through Emotional Ownership. This talk will inspire listeners to transform their emotional pain into personal power. By taking ownership of their emotions, they can heal, grow, and become stronger leaders.

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