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Empower Your Leadership,
Ignite Your Potential




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Ignite Leadership

Alpstra's Ignite Training Programs are a 10-month journey designed to elevate your leadership skills and transform your management approach. Connect with a cohort of like-minded leaders, engage in monthly discussions, and apply practical strategies to enhance your professional growth.

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Ignite Leadership

A 10-month cohort-based program where you meet once per month with other leaders.

Ignite Plus

Includes the full 10-month cohort program plus one-on-one coaching for personalized guidance.

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Ignite Lite

A self-paced program that allows you to complete the training at your own pace.

The Program

Our leadership training service offers a comprehensive 10-month cohort-based program designed to enhance your leadership skills. Meeting once per month in a virtual setting, you will join other leaders to discuss and learn from each other's experiences. This program is perfect for those who want to improve their leadership abilities and network with other professionals in their field.

Ignite Includes:

The DiSC Assessment

Understand your personality type and how it influences your leadership style.

The Five Behaviors

Learn the five key behaviors that drive effective team performance.

Goal Setting

Establish and achieve meaningful goals to propel your career forward.

Tools for Personal and Professional Growth

Gain practical tools to advance in your life and career.

Personal Responsibility

Embrace accountability and take charge of your growth


Develop critical leadership skills to guide and inspire your team.​

Coaching and Mentoring

Learn how to effectively coach and mentor others.

Time Management

Master strategies to optimize your time and productivity.


Understand how to give and receive constructive feedback.

Delegation and Conflict Resolution

Improve your ability to delegate tasks and resolve conflicts.

Creating a Life Plan

Design a plan for continued success and improvement.

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