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Charla Gervers Thompson

For more than 20 years, Charla has been leader, coach and guide to business owners She has served as the chief strategist designing startup businesses, leading turnaround strategies for mature businesses, modernizing businesses and creating duplicable systems to accelerate growth. She has been in C-level and Executive Sales Leader positions but loves the roles where she is making a direct difference in the lives of those wanting to accelerate success! She is a sales strategy and leadership development expert, personal development trainer, coach and guide. Charla helps people accelerate their progress and fast-track the route to success.

From startups to multi-billion-dollar companies, Charla has been responsible for implementing strategies to scale, create duplicable systems, and empower entrepreneurs to win… all around the world! Charla has led over 1 million entrepreneurs and helped thousands of business owners replace a full-time income and redefining their lives.

Charla uses a combination of experiential personal & leadership development, relationship mentoring, and executive development methods to help clients discover what is really holding them back from achieving their highest level of success. This blueprint helps clients identify and make the adjustments needed to accelerate momentum towards personal goals. “When clients see the patterns of behavior in themselves or their team, they can then see that they have the power to change it. I help people identify, uproot, and change these habit pathways so they can unleash the next level of their performance” Charla says.

For 15 years, she led transformational small groups and facilitated the curriculum created by Dr. Phil McGraw, entitled Pathways Core Training, to help people create a great life. Charla served as non-profit Board Member and Secretary of Pathways for 5 years. Personally, Charla has been married to Jason for over 20 years and has 2 sons, a daughter-in-love and 2 grandbabies. Charla is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, working out daily and maximizing her family’s nutrition to help them boost their

“health-span.” Having lost her dad to cancer when she was 17, Charla has a passion for helping everyone live “full out” each day! Life is short and every person is meant for impact!

Charla  Gervers Thompson

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