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Amy Pechacek

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Amy Pechacek is a visionary leader and the driving force behind Alpstra Training Solutions. With twenty years of experience in helping others, Amy has honed her expertise in leadership, team development, and performance coaching. Her journey from the classroom to corporate boardrooms has equipped her with unique insights and a deep understanding of what it takes to inspire and motivate individuals and teams.

As an international speaker, Amy has captivated audiences around the globe with her engaging presentations and practical wisdom. She is a recognized Partner of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors, leveraging these powerful tools to enhance organizational effectiveness and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Amy's passion lies in helping others unlock their full potential. Through Alpstra, she delivers transformative coaching and training programs that empower leaders to excel, teams to collaborate effectively, and individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to connect with people on a meaningful level make her a sought-after coach and mentor.

Under Amy's leadership, Alpstra Training Solutions has become synonymous with growth, innovation, and lasting impact. Her dedication to making a positive difference is evident in every aspect of her work, as she continues to inspire and guide others toward achieving their best selves.


Executive Coaching

Enhance your leadership capabilities with Amy Pechacek's executive coaching. Develop strategic thinking, improve decision-making skills, and cultivate a leadership style that inspires and drives your team to success.


Performance Coaching

Maximize your potential with Amy Pechacek's performance coaching. Identify and overcome obstacles, set and achieve ambitious goals, and consistently perform at your best in both your professional and personal life.


Life Coaching

Transform your personal life with Amy Pechacek's life coaching. Gain clarity on your life goals, create a balanced lifestyle, and develop the resilience and mindset needed to thrive in all aspects of your life.

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