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David Lindsay

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David was born and raised in North Louisiana. He moved to Florida in 1985 to attend seminary where he met and married Suzanne, his wife of 34 years. They have 4 children, 2 of whom were adopted from Taiwan during their 9 years there.

After finishing his BA in Theology, David moved to Virginia where he pursued his MA in Education. Since that time, David and his wife have lived in Taiwan and in Indonesia, and have traveled to many different countries. David has, himself, traveled to16 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Central America where his primary focus has been speaking, training, and education.

One of David’s primary focuses over the years and during his travels has been PEOPLE. Through public speaking, teaching, mentorship, and counseling, David has spent his life pouring into people’s lives, marriages and family. His heart is to see you reach your greatest potential in every area of your life.

David’s other focus, as a pastor, has been the church. He has helped plant 3 churches, but his speciality is in helping to build strong community in the body of Christ. David and his wife have focused intensively on small home fellowship where they specialize in creating an atmosphere of family, wholeness, and purpose.


Personal Mentorship/Pastoral Counseling

David offers compassionate listening with sound advice to help you find solutions and reach your greatest potential in every area of your life. He also offers healing prayer and sound biblical wisdom.


Marriage, Family & Relationship Coaching

Life can be both beautiful and dangerously destructive. Both of these encounters can happen within the context of family and relationships. David’s goal is to help you walk through relationships in such a way that you can find deeper meaning, richer love and greater joy in them.


Crafting Community & Building Strength in the Body of Christ

David offers himself up as a speaker to help train and to impart a greater sense of community within your particular church community. He can help you fashion richer small groups that will carry a deeper sense of His presence, community, wholeness and purpose.

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