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Justin Batterton

Justin Batterton smiling

Justin Batterton was born and raised in North Louisiana. In his early years he went into trade work where he proved to be very successful. Through his success, Justin’s life was ruled by emotional wounds that led him into a life of addiction.

In 2007, he decided to enter into a faith-based rehabilitation program. After graduating, he remained on staff as the Dean of Students and later, the Director for Shreveport Adult and Teen Challenge. Justin continued to grow in multiple dimensions as he moved into additional roles of youth pastor, young adult pastor, spiritual counseling, acting associate pastor, Freedom Hub Leader, Freedom Coach, and board member for a city-wide men’s ministry.

He continued to learn in every aspect to best serve the roles he occupied in multiple ways including that of becoming an ordained minister. 

Justin is currently a real estate agent in North Louisiana, and the founder of Kingdom Minded Leadership Coaching.

He is married with 4 children and continues to operate as a coach and counselor in various arenas for a wide age bracket. His passion is to serve each individual and entity by positioning them for prime impact in their area and sphere of influence without being held back or compromised.


Spiritual Leadership Coaching

Many times as leaders pour out, we forget to consistently be poured into. This service is an intentional pause and guidance given in refilling your personal “well” to continue to pour out of a place of abundance rather than your limited tank alone.


Empowering Leadership Coaching

Elevate your leadership journey with our coaching services designed to empower leaders to become catalysts for empowerment in others. Through personalized guidance and strategic insights, we inspire and equip you to foster a culture of leadership that multiplies impact. Let's embark on a transformative coaching experience that propels you to empower leaders and drive positive change in your sphere of influence.


Coaching Entrepreneurs and Businesses around Kingdom Principles

Unlock the potential of your business with our coaching services dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build ventures grounded in kingdom principles. We provide tailored guidance to align your business practices with values that matter. Let's embark on a journey where business success meets ethical leadership, creating a lasting impact. Elevate your enterprise with purpose and integrity.

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