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Kelly Hall

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Kelly R. Hall is a seasoned strategic leader and educator, renowned for her outstanding contributions to innovation, transformative initiatives, and the empowerment of individuals and teams. With a career spanning back to 1986, she has devoted herself to advancing community progress and fostering prosperity for future generations.

Hall's commitment to developing people and teams led her to establish The Clayton Rose Group, LLC, while pursuing coaching and design thinking certifications.

A strong advocate for strategic partnerships, Hall transformed the Longview Chamber of Commerce into a dynamic catalyst for meaningful endeavors under her visionary leadership. The Chamber not only represented the voice of businesses but also championed bold initiatives, igniting transformative change within communities.

Hall has served both as an adjunct professor for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and LeTourneau University, specializing in management and leadership.

Her leadership earned recognition, including the Chamber of the Year title from ACCE in 2019, two Chairman's Awards, and community honors. Hall's outstanding dedication to the community was acknowledged when she received the Stars Over Longview community award in 2013, and she was named the 2013 Marvin Hurley Award recipient by the Texas State Chamber of Commerce Executives.

She's dedicated to education and holds a master's degree in strategic leadership.

Kelly R. Hall's journey is marked by dedication, learning, and excellence. Her work with The Clayton Rose Group, LLC continues her legacy of transformation and empowerment.


Leadership Development

Elevate your leadership skills with Kelly Hall's personalized coaching. Cultivate self-awareness, communication, and decision-making abilities to lead with confidence.


Strategic Planning

Navigate your path to success with Kelly Hall's strategic planning coaching. Craft clear, actionable strategies to achieve your long-term goals and stay ahead in your industry.


Team Building

Foster a cohesive, high-performing team through Kelly Hall's coaching. Develop effective communication, trust, and collaboration within your organization for lasting success.

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