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C. Paige Lovelace

C. Paige Lovelace is a Professor of Speech Communication at Tarrant County College and has served as the Language Arts Department Chair since January of 2020. Ms. Lovelace authored an interactive eText, "Connecting Through Communication," which was published in June of 2020 through Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. In addition to over a decade of teaching Communication skills at the collegiate level, she was appointed to serve in TCC’s Center for Teaching and Learning as a Faculty Learning and Development Specialist.

In this role, she led the adoption, curricula development, implementation, and facilitation of TCC’s pioneer faculty professional development initiative: Active Learning Academy. Furthermore, Ms. Lovelace has years of experience facilitating both large and small group professional and executive presentations to various audiences to advance engaged teaching and learning practices; communication skills; emotional intelligence; and personality assessment.

Both her personal and professional core beliefs are grounded in transparency, vulnerability, connection, collaboration, and effective communication. She earned both her baccalaureate degree (B.S., Speech Communication) as well as her master’s degree (M.A., Communications) from the University of Texas at Tyler.

C. Paige Lovelace

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